These Judicial Building were declared open by the Hon’ble sir Charles Gordon hill Fawcett Kt I C S PUISNE Judge of the High court of Judicature Bombay on Monday 5th Nov 1928. The Buildings were designed 1st the office of the consulting architect to the Government of Bombay and were constructed under the supervision of officers on the head quarters works division of the public works department.
    Estimate & sanctioned Rs.-20,00,000/- actual cost Rs. 19,50,000. The work was completed on 24th nov 1923 & completed on 31st October 1928. The following officers were responsible for the design & construction of the work. S Woods hill A.R.I.B.A., F.U.B. & J. MERCER L.R.I.B.E. Consulting archicts.-E.P.Watson AMICE P.L.Bowers CIE MC AMICE & A.E.SHARP, BSc AMICE Executive Engineers J.K.PANSE Assistant Engineers K.B. Mandke contractor.