Judges on Leave

    Serial No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature Of Leave
    1Shri. P. S. Ingle24/07/202426/07/2024Earned Leave
    2Smt. S. S. Saste15/07/202416/07/2024Casual Leave
    3Shri. A. A. Pandey15/07/202416/07/2024Earned Leave
    4Shri. A. S. Agrawal15/07/202416/07/2024Earned Leave
    5Shri. A. S. Waghmare (CBI)15/07/202416/07/2024Earned Leave
    6Shri. A. A. Ghanivale11/07/202412/07/2024Earned Leave
    7Shri. A. S. Alewar09/07/202412/07/2024Earned Leave
    8Shri. S. A. Bajaj08/07/202412/07/2024Earned Leave
    9Shri. M. S. Bharad08/07/202412/07/2024Earned Leave